Wyatt Larsen – Eugene, OR

Who am I?

I began my spiritual journey early in my childhood when I first began researching different ancient cultures and spiritual practices around the world.  I knew as a young child there was so much more to the world than what I was being taught in my daily and spiritual lives.  I devoted much of my time connecting the dots between spirituality, ancient civilizations, and thought-to-be mythological civilizations such as Atlantis, which lead to my deep fondness and heavy use of crystals in my work.

I slowly began to research modern healing and spiritual healing and the differences and decided it’s better to treat the cause and not the symptoms.  Not thinking I had the proper ability to do such amazing spiritual work, I settled on the use of herbs and actively practiced for 12 years, while still researching the spiritual side of life.  This research led me to learn different Healing modalities such as Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy, crystal healing and the use of Vogel Crystals, and energy healing.

In early 2018 I had a near death experience from a car wreck.  This brought all my research, hopes, and dreams to its apex and I was called to Shamanism and began my training later that year with Jim and Roxanne.  But it wasn’t until a spiritual pilgrimage to Peru that I decided to pursue Shamanism, not just as “one more thing under my belt”, but as my life focus.

After the winds of change started to blow, I found myself in Eugene, OR where I opened my practice, Sacred Cycle Healing, in late 2019.  It is here that I provide my Shamanic sessions and other services locally and long distance.


Contact Information:

Wyatt Larsen