Walt Kruckeberg, PhD., Mental Health Therapist, Colorado Springs

“You would think after earning 2 Masters Degrees and a PhD and being 76 years old that I would know it all…..NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Even after thirty  years I still learn from each person who comes to me for therapy where both of us experience our unique humanity;  a lifelong task for each of us.

I’ve learned, for example, that men are very passionate, feeling creatures in a group (without women!) with other men whom they trust.   This is the self discovery that naturally comes from a sacred space that is safe, nonjudgmental and does not carry the strictures society imposes.

I’ve learned that both men and women have the amazing courage to face their wounds and turn them into a source of strength and wisdom.  I’m talking here,  for example, about facing the consequences of chronic psychological, sexual and/or emotional family abuse.

My only requirement for those who wish to work with me is your  true commitment to this active process of discovering who you are.

Yes, there is so much to learn and experience”.

Walt Kruckeberg can be reached at 719-314-5153