Tracy Shulsinger – Boulder, CO. FNP-C

I began practicing shamanism and energy medicine in 2008 when I was strongly attracted to their spiritual and healing powers. They answered my call for healing modalities that deeply heal by healing the spiritual aspects of illness. At that time, I was working as a Registered Nurse at  and I noticed time and time again where western medicine was limited and I knew there was more for me to learn. When one heals the deepest source of illness, balance and harmony are restored to the spirit, then healing to all parts of self can follow. We are most empowered when the whole trilogy within is fully optimized- body, mind and spirit. It is then that we thrive!

I completed my initial Introduction to Shamanic Journeying and Shamanic Healing Practitioners Training with Roxanne and Jim at Sacred Hoop Ministry, then completed a 2 Year Teachers Training with Sandra Ingerman in order teach shamanic journeying and healing.  I practice shamanic healing and teach workshops in Boulder, CO. My website:
I still also practice in the medical field, now as an Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner, in my own practice, where I can support clients with functional medicine, shamanic healing, and energy medicine- my dream come true!
Tracy Shulsinger
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