Sound Healing Gong Concerts

Our good friend Gary Fishman has been blessing our community with his Sound Healing Gong Concerts for the past 10 years. Gary has a large group of fans who love to come to this event, so come join us and see why!!! Gary performs these concerts about every 60days. (He and Jim alternate each month with crystal bowl meditations and healing gong concerts).

Come and enjoy the cosmic vibrations of powerful planetary gongs, the tribal tones of the didgeridoo and the soothing tones of his Tibetan bowls. Join Gary Fisherman as he leads us on a shamanic like journey blending together the healing power of the various sounds and vibrations produced by these instruments.

You will relax in a meditative state while Gary mesmerizes you and engulfs you with the vibrational energy of his “toys” If you ask, he will also assist you placing crystals and powerful stones on your chakra centers and in your hands to further enhance your experience.

These vibrations have the energy to cleanse outdated thought forms, will heighten your body’s vibrational level, and open the door for new spiritual potential. This is best described as riding a roller-coaster of sound and vibration…and what a ride it is!!!

After Gary is finished performing his concert, he will play one of his didgeridoos while we continue to relax in a state of bliss.

 FUTURE HEALING GONG CONCERT DATES:  Saturday Jan 12th, 2019; Saturday March 9th, 2019; Saturday May 11th, 2019; Saturday July 13th, 2019; Saturday Sept 21st, 2019; Saturday Nov 9th, 2019

All Healing Gong Concerts run from 2:00pm to about 3:30 pm

Gary’s requested love offering is: $20 per person

Gary can be contacted directly via his website at: