Shannon Ananda – Denver, CO.

Shannon Wallace first began studying with Sacred Hoop Ministry in the spring of 2011. She completed Shannon's pictheir Shamanic Practitioner Training over the following years. In early 2015, Shannon began offering her services via She is available to perform healing, shamanic journey sessions, and spiritual coaching.

Working as the “hollow bone”, Shannon’s goal is to connect you with your spiritual guides in order to bring love and light to your life.

Due to the advantages of modern technologies, these services are all available at a distance. If you have email and a phone, she can help you regardless of where you live!

Shannon has been working with the spiritual realms of existence for over fifteen years. She was certified in the first two levels of Reiki in 2003. She earned a degree in philosophy from the University of Colorado with a focus in religion. After ten years of being a dedicated yogi, she participated in an intense five month yoga teacher training program in 2013. Shannon has also been trained in various forms of meditation and is able to support your practice.


You can reach Shannon Wallace via her website or via email at: