Shamanic Sessions

Shamanic Session

What is it and why would I want to experience it?

At Sacred Hoop Ministry we look at the spiritual side of illness. In ancient Indigenous cultures the common belief is that there are three causes to Illness:

#1. SoYurt 118ul Loss 

#2. Power Loss  

#3. Spiritual Intrusion

During a Shamanic Session, we look at the “spiritual aspect” of illness or dis-ease.

We become the “hollow bone”, allowing the helping and compassionate spirits to work through us.

Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions:

“Extraction” is a Shamanic term meaning “removing that which does not belong to you”.

Typically, this is the first part of a “Shamanic Session”. You can look at Spiritual Intrusions as being energy blocks, cords, dis-ease or whatever is not serving you at this time.

During the extraction process we may use rattles, drums, crystals, toning, feathers and other spiritual tools, may be incorporated to clear these intrusions and energy blocks. This is part of the preparation for your soul parts to be returned. If you have experienced soul loss, there is an emptiness or void that can inadvertently attract spiritual intrusions or foreign energies that just aren’t yours. These attachments or intrusions may be caused by unbalanced thoughts and energies others may have sent out in you direction either deliberately or on sub-conscious level.

“I feel lighter, not so much baggage”… P.T. Colorado Springs

Soul Retrieval:

Soul retrieval is another part of the experience during a Shamanic Session. This is a process of bringing  back parts of ourselves we have lost during a variety of traumatic experiences that may have occurred in our lives. One of our defense mechanisms for surviving these traumatic events is referred  by psychologists as “disassociation”, which means that we tend to leave our bodies in order to survive the situation and we don’t always fully return. Part of  our soul, our essence, our life force or our vitality, stays “out there” or is lost until it is brought back during a Soul Retrieval.

What gets returned is the “pure  essence” that left at the time of the trauma, not the trauma Eagle reflectionitself…..although memories and emotions can return for healing. With the return of the soul parts, comes the pure essence which brings you the “gifts” of what was previously lost.  Soul loss can be a simple as a school teacher teasing you about an art project in front of the class, which in turn, could have shut down your “creativity”.  The returning soul part can bring back “the gift” of your creativity. It returns your pure essence to you, bringing back any personal power that may have been lost along the way.

“I want to thank you both again, for just being who you are and doing the divine work that you do.  My experience in the Soul Retrieval the other day is the most blissful state I have ever been in on this earth.”  Stephanie K., Colorado Springs, CO.

“I feel stronger and more able to stand up for myself, it was a very symbolic experience”… H.G. Woodland Park

“My experience has been so awakening for me. I know that without these soul parts, I was stuck… My life has transformed very quickly”… R.F. Colorado Springs

Power Animal Retrieval:

The power animal is seen as a guardian spirit(s), that we have with us since birth.  Sometimes different DSCF0030power animals come into our lives to share the power they carry with us. We can have several of them working on our behalf at the same time. In many cases, these power animals may spend a lifetime waiting for us to finally discover them. If we have a power animal that has left us, without a new one coming in, we may suffer from “power loss”. This can show up in our lives in the form of chronic health problems; always feeling ill, having a cold, the flu or feeling run down.

Chronic Depression and Misfortune: can be other signs of power loss. We have power animals to protect and keep us in balance.

During a Shamanic Session it is not uncommon for a power animal to return along with the soul parts…bringing it’s power to share with you. Shamanic Session is a very empowering experience that can help you achieve wholeness and become power filled once again…


Once the session is over, and you have received  your soul parts back, a big part of the healing is now up to you.

The personal work after the session is as important as the session itself. The question becomes, “Now that you have your power back, what are going to do with it?  What changes are you willing to make in your life to receive a complete healing?  If our clients do not have a good support system to work with, we may suggest therapy or other modalities to assist their continued healing in a healthy and graceful manner.

We also offer a two hour Soul Retrieval follow-up session to help you integrate your soul parts, and work through any remaining issues that may come up.  You may also discover that you are holding on to soul parts belonging to others, which  you will be able to release during this follow up session.

Roxanne and Jim remain available to help you with this process via email, phone calls or additional private sessions.

In Summary:

Soul Retrieval returns pure essence and wholeness to a person. You now have the personal power to make different choices, which may allow you to change any disruptive patterns in your life.

For some, this is the first step toward personal healing and for others it can be the last piece of the puzzle called “you”.


A private Shamanic Session, generally described above; is subject to change by the helping spirits, as we work in partnership with them and they will guide, direct and work through us. No two Shamanic Healing Sessions are the same.