Sara Simpson – Colorado Springs, CO.

Sara grew up in the rural mountains of Colorado and has a passion for body, mind, and spiritual healing. She has over 20 years of experience in the practice of both Western and Alternative Health Care as a Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Registered Nurse, Wound/Ostomy/Continence Nurse, and Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Sara is currently the Owner of Web of Life Counseling, LLC.

“I am blessed that Spirit led me to study Core Shamanism with Roxanne and Jim. Core Shamanism provides a framework to relate to others in a way that is inclusive for all people, regardless of religion, spirituality, culture, race, ethnicity, age, gender, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation. All humans share a history in which our ancestors were connected to Spirit and held their natural environment as sacred. Although Western Culture has forgotten this, Spirit calls us to remember, and re-establish our personal connection to the web of life. I love seeing clients who have Earth-based and/or interconnected culture or belief systems. So often people with minoritized and oppressed identities feel pathologized or shamed for their beliefs by medical professionals. I am honored to create individualized counseling that respects the whole person, body, mind, and spirit.”

“One way we can explore and re-establish this personal and authentic connection to ourselves, others, and nature is through Ecotherapy.”

Located in Central Colorado Springs, Sara is the owner of Web of Life Counseling, LLC and offers counseling for domestic violence and sexual assault victims, people coping with medical conditions, healthcare workers experiencing burnout, and those seeking Ecotherapy and integrated/holistic counseling services.

To contact Sara please call 719-347-1497

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