Roxanne Roberts & Jim Haggins – Founders-Directors

Web-Rox-and-JimRoxanne was born and raised in Colorado to a family that appreciated the wilderness and outdoors.  She grew up hiking, backpacking and cross-country skiing in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Roxanne has been a Licensed Massage Therapist and State Certified Body Mind Therapist for over 21 years. She began studying Shamanism over 20 years ago with The Foundation For Shamanic Studies and with Sandra Ingerman.  She has studied Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Death and Dying. She has also taken the two week intensive, the three year advanced training and has completed the teachers training. She has been seeing clients and teaching for over 15 years.  She is a recognized instructor and is listed at  She is also list on the Foundation For Shamanic Studies website under Shamanic Services for Colorado.  Roxanne has also been studying and mentoring with Rainbow Eagle for over 15 years, finding his teachings and presence in her life has also made a big impact on her teachings and work with clients. Roxanne is a Flower of Life Graduate, Minister and has studied Remote Viewing.

Jim was also raised by a family that camped and explored the wilderness. He has raised in California About_pic1and explored the High Sierras, the Coastal Redwoods and Yosemite in his younger years. Jim moved to Colorado in the mid ‘80’s and has explored much of Colorado and Northern New Mexico . He has been in sales and marketing a good portion of his life, as well as being a real estate broker, and marketing consultant.

Now retired from real estate, Jim has been assisting Roxanne in their Shamanic Practice for the past 10 yrs. He is a Flower of Life Graduate, a Minister, Reiki Master Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor, intuitive, and all around good guy.  Jim has also studied with Rainbow Eagle and other Native Americans over the past 15+ years. He has a good relationship with spirits of the land, nature, the angelic realm and his personal guides.

About_pic2Together Jim and Roxanne have a presence that can only be described as powerful and loving. Everyone who has compared Jim and Roxanne’s astrological charts has been blown away and said that they are “a perfect match” in all aspects. They have come together as a team to love, nurture, teach and heal others.

Their goal is to self-empower those that they work with so that they can reach out to others and play it forward.



“THANK YOU for allowing the gifts of the universe and of the divine flow through you both and out into the lives of others…. What you do has an amazing impact on so many!” Britta , Colorado

“Roxanne and Jim’s willingness to facilitate the healing process of people, animals, and Mother Earth is truly remarkable…and beyond mere words and the English language”… Joanne L. Colorado

‘You two are very good at empowering us and giving a confident reinforcement to all of this. You uplift and show non-judgment and I thank you both for that gift. In the past when I’ve read about walking a Spiritual Path I thought “I can’t do that” I’m not good enough. I am not holy enough, but both of you show me that we don’t have to expect ourselves to be above being human. This is how we walk between the worlds… Thank you for that!”… Pat W. Colorado.