Roger Reynolds and Susan Shinsky

Are you dealing with physical problems, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, or overwhelming emotions?

Roger Reynolds and Susan Shinsky, MA Professional Counseling, work separately and as a team using skills and tools acquired through many years of study and training to help you alleviate challenges in your life.

Their primary approach is Sound Therapy with tuning forks using the Biofield Tuning method, in which Susan is certified.  The basic premise of Biofield Tuning is that every emotional and traumatic experience leaves an electrical charge in our energy field, which helps us understand why certain triggers and challenges remain so persistent.  Holding a vibrating tuning fork in the energy field balances the charge, which is then swept into the corresponding chakra and integrated into the entire energy system, making more energy available and often bringing a feeling of light and comfort, as well as relief from some physical problems.

There are several techniques available to use in the Biofield Tuning method, a consultation with Roger and Susan can help you decide which will best fit your needs.  The method described above works primarily in the energy field, while the Sonic Meridian Flush works on the body to help open the body’s meridians and ensure proper energy flow through the whole system, physically and energetically.   It is deeply relaxing and aids in shifting perception and perspective.

Sessions are soothing and relaxing, allowing you to accomplish your goals at your own pace.

Roger and Susan bring an integrated approach to their sessions, using the diverse tools and modalities that they have been trained in for the past several years.  These include shamanistic techniques, crystals and stones, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Language of Light, Light-Life® tools originated by Slim Spurling, and essential oils.

Visit their website for more information.  And please feel free to contact Susan for more information about the benefits of Biofield Tuning and how it may help your specific challenge, and with any questions you may have: