Rainbow Eagle – Native American Elder – Teacher – Peace Shield Carrier

Rainbow Eagle has played a vital role in the lives of Roxanne and Jim… They had been studying with rainboweagleRainbow Eagle for over 13 years, (Roxanne in one part of Colorado and Jim in another), so imagine their surprise to finally meet, after hearing about each other for many years!  Rainbow Eagle’s teachings have greatly influenced both Jim and Roxanne individually over the years and is also in alignment with their mission and vision for Sacred Hoop Ministry.

Rainbow Eagle is an Okla-Choctaw Native American Indian who has visited extensively with Indigenous Elders of North and South America . Now an elder himself, Rainbow Eagle has become an accomplished teacher and author sharing his great knowledge of the native people. He and his wife, Mary Rainbow Snake Woman, travel around the United States and Europe to share the wisdom and teachings that he has gathered and researched over the course of his life. Rainbow Eagle is also a great story teller, with a genuine love for “the little ones” as he always has a story and a teaching for them as well.

Rainbow Eagle has a Masters Degree in Education and has been in the field of Adolescent and Family Therapy, for over 24 years.

Rainbow Eagle teaches about these times, referred to as The Seventh Fire. This fire was lit in 1978 when Congress gave back the rights of the Native People to be able to perform their “religious” or “spiritual” ceremonies once again. The Seventh Fire foretold of the signals which would be given to Native People so they would know when to act for the good of “All Relations.” The signals would include environmental concerns, risks to the destruction of humanity, high levels of technology, Earth Changes, and finally Freedom for Native people to participate in their beliefs.

Rainbow Eagle has been entrusted to offer the teachings of an ancient Anishinabe (Ojibwa) Peace Shield of truth and instructions to the Human Family one last time. The ancient truths of this shield are older than many spiritual sources including the Dead Sea Scrolls. The ultimate purpose of the Peace Shield is to Gather and increase truth’s power to restore and amplify peace upon Mother Earth

In the words of Rainbow Eagle: “Many of us are standing at some sort of “Y” in the road. I Rainbow eagle 2believe the Peace Shield within us and the Peace Shield(s) by the ancient ones, can shed light upon our journey back to the side of the Creator and Community. The future will be created by each one of us. Let us all anticipate, prepare, and even celebrate our Journey toward the new realities of life.”


Email: rainboweagle72@gmail.com

Web Site: www.RainbowEagle.com

Sacred Hoop Ministry is honored to host Rainbow Eagle and Mary Rainbow Snake Woman whenever they come to Colorado . We also help set us his Colorado Schedule, so if you are interested in hosting one of his teachings, please contact us.