Laura Riehman – Asheville, NC

I was introduced to complementary healing methods many moons ago while living with chronic neck and back pain after a car accident. I embarked on my spiritual journey after taking a Reiki class and later becoming a Reiki Master in 2015. I then felt a call to help others and began practicing Reiki on hospice patients in order to help alleviate their pain and anxiety.

After moving to Colorado, I was drawn to Native American and indigenous healing methods in the form of shamanism. I studied at Sacred Hoop Ministry and after completing the training became a Shamanic Practitioner. Shamanism has become a way of life and a way of healing for me. I see everything around me, Mother Earth, the trees, oceans, mountains, stars, animals and people all as one. I feel blessed to have experienced many miracles and healings from spirit guides and am looking forward to sharing this ancient healing method with others.

I reside in Asheville, NC  and offer Shamanic Healing and Reiki Sessions. I welcome the
opportunity to work with you and to help you along your trail of healing.


Laura Riehman