LaRay Sweezea – Calhan, CO

As a young girl I found myself interested in the more unconventional spiritual practices while displaying an astute insight and talent regarding energy and the way it affects the world around us.  With my mother’s nurturing guidance, I stepped onto my spiritual path over 20 years ago, resulting in a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding alternative spiritualities as well as energetic and holistic healing modalities.

In 2013 I felt the call to turn my passion into a priority and started my long journey of not just learning, but also practicing, many different energetic healing artforms and incorporating the practices into my everyday life.  Since then I have had the honor and privilege of becoming a High Priestess, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Healer/Master/Teacher, as well as integrating other forms of energetic healing practices such as Crystal and Light Energy Healing, Vibrational Sound Healing, and Intuitive Spiritual & Energetic Guidance into my personal work.

Now with the dawn of 2020, I have finally decided to open my official practice, The Elements Four Healing Hollow, offering guidance and services to anyone in search of an alternative way healing.  At The Hollow we focus on the client as a whole as we work to achieve overall balance and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

It is with great humbleness and reverence that I honor these amazing traditions and all that they can do to bring balance and peace into our daily lives!  I cannot wait to meet you and help you along your healing path!




The Elements Four Healing Hollow




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