Kris & Savanna Cassidy – Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Workshops

Kris and Sav. newKris Cassidy M.A. and his wife Savanna are on our networking team and offer Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Workshops. We highly recommend these workshops and we sponsor them at the yurt periodically.. We have found this work to be very helpful in integration of soul parts, essence, and for releasing any stress and old patterns. Here is what Kris says about his work:

“In 3 short hours in a Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Workshop you will experience one of the most powerful techniques for managing stress and letting go of fear. Fear keeps you in suffering and prevents you from attracting to yourself what you want in life. Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation will allow you to replace fear with love and peace so that you can do well in today’s challenging times”. Contact Kris through his website or at 719 200-2929