Katherine Mullin – M.A., Medical Anthropology – Certified Digital Storyteller

Katherine Mullin, MA Medical Anthropology; Certified Digital Story Facilitator
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Treasure Stories for Families and Elder Loved Ones: True Story Works supports your loved one in sharing his or her unique stories. A Treasure Story weaves memories, photographs, and keepsakes into an artfully produced life story video or audio compilation to be enjoyed at reunions, birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, for years to come.

Customized Videography for Healers & Organizations. True Story Works supports individuals and organizations in telling powerful stories of purpose and success to share widely with your funders and potential clients. All videography is customized to your needs and budget.

Story Coaching for Life Transition. True Story Works offers personalized story coaching, which guides clients to awaken their truth within their stories, release old patterns that no longer serve, and celebrate their power. Digital storytelling, Emotional Freedom Technique, and guided visualization create a rich journey of self-discovery for those ready to share their vibrancy and truth with the world.

Kate Mullin, M.A.
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