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Soul Retrieval: 4 Day Intensive Shamanic Training Course

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Training: (This is an intensive 4 day course which takes place over 2 weekends).

This workshop is is part of a series of classes and workshops for those who want to become a Shamanic Practitioner and perform Shamanic Sessions with clients, friends, pets, or family members.

There are prerequisites and an application process for this course, so please call or e-mail Roxanne if this is something you are interested in. You will need to know how to journey and have a good relationship with your spirit guides and power animal guides to attend.

In this two weekend workshop: we will learn how to bring back “soul parts” for clients to help them to Carved African Maskmend their fragmented self. When traumatic events happen in our lives, our “true essence or soul” may leave our bodies in order to survive the situation, but may not fully return. You will learn how to find these lost fragmented parts of a person’s essence/soul, return them to their bodies, and in the process bring back the gift(s) that they may have lost during the initial trauma.

Others may also be holding on to your “essence” or “soul parts” so we will learn how to bring these parts back to you as well.

We will also look at who’s soul parts or essence(s) you maybe holding on to, so that you can release them and any karmic ties. Soul Retrieval work can be done directly in a Shamanic Session, remotely if distance is a problem, and can also be done with with animals and pets as well.

Soul Retrieval compliments other healing modalities and is particularly helpful with suffering from PTSD and abuse issues.

This is a practice that has been utilized by Indigenous Cultures for the past 30-40,000 years. Why? Because it works!!!