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Shamanic Extraction: 2 day Shamanic Training Course

This workshop is designed for people who want to become Shamanic Practitioners or help other people, animals, land, etc in their healing process.

In order to attend, you must have good shamanic journey skills and a good relationship with at least one helping spirit and/or animal guide.

In this course, you will learn what “spiritual intrusions” are; how we get them, how to prevent sending Shamanic-Session-photothem out to others and how to keep yourself power-filled and powerful while working with them. You will learn and experience how to remove “spiritual intrusions” that are with another person. “Spiritual Intrusion” is a Shamanic term for blocked energy – (energy that doesn’t belong to a person, or anything stuck in their energetic fields).

You will learn and experience how to “work in partnership” with your compassionate helping spirit guides from the unseen realms to remove spiritual intrusions. By the end of the course, you will also know how to do “power animal retrievals”. We use the energy of the power animal to fill up the void in the client caused by the extraction. In the Soul Retrieval Class (which will be the next class in our Shamanic Training series), you will learn how to fill the void with the clients retrieved soul parts.

This is an exciting hands on – experiential course that is not to be missed.