Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

The Shamanic Journey – What is it and why would you want to bring this ancient practice into your life?

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Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to man and dates back 30-40,000 years. Indigenous tribes all over the world had someone in their community who could contact an unseen world, by altering their state of consciousness, where  they communicated with helping compassionate spirits. This person was referred to as the “Shaman” and the trip he or she took into non-ordinary reality is called the “Journey.”

Shamanic Extraction: 2 day Shamanic Training Course

This workshop is designed for people who want to become Shamanic Practitioners or help other people, animals, land, etc in their healing process. In order to attend, you must have good shamanic journey skills and a good relationship with at least one helping spirit and/or animal guide. In this course, you will learn what “spiritual …

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Soul Retrieval: 4 Day Intensive Shamanic Training Course

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Training: (This is an intensive 4 day course which takes place over 2 weekends). This workshop is is part of a series of classes and workshops for those who want to become a Shamanic Practitioner and perform Shamanic Sessions with clients, friends, pets, or family members. There are prerequisites and an application …

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Death and Dying: 2 Day Shamanic Training Course

Death – Dying, and Journeys Beyond This is a two day Shamanic Workshop. It is ideal as a stand alone course, or for those who are interested in attending our Shamanic Practitioners Training series. This is a great workshop for Hospice workers/volunteers, and nurses who may be working with people who are close to transitioning, as …

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Healing With Spiritual Light: 2 Day Shamanic Training Course

Healing With Spiritual Light This is part of our Practitioner’s Program but it can also be taken as a “stand alone” course for those who are healers, work in the medical field, or just want to expand their horizons. In this experiential workshop, we will look at the healing methods of the “mystics” and how …

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Medicine For The Earth: 2 Day Training Course

This class is open to all that wish to attend… (No prerequisites required). Based on the book: “Medicine For The Earth” by Sandra Ingerman Taught by: Roxanne Roberts who was trained by Sandra Ingerman to teach this class. The purpose of this gathering is to help us understand and demonstrate how we can effect …

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Alchemy For The Soul: 3 day Shamanic Workshop

This workshop is taken from a three year advanced teachers training Roxanne completed with the Foundation For Shamanic Studies about 14 years ago. We will be exploring some of the more “Classic” approaches to Shamanic work.  Learning other ways to get information from the spirits besides journeying, like “Throwing the Bones”, learning to read signs and …

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