Intermediate Journey Group

The Shamanic Journey -“Opening your inner vision with the assistance of the rapid Shamanic Drum Beat, allowing you to explore the un-seen realms that surround you at all times. Here you will meet and develop relationships with your spirit guides, teachers and power animals who are waiting to assist you along your spiritual path. Receive direct divination from Source and re-claim your personal power!! This work is all about empowering you!!!

Here is what others have said about the Shamanic Journey experience:

“I have yet to have a bad time at one of these gatherings and the beauty of that is, it will never be that way..; ) This is an awesome group with Jim and Rox at the helm, they always have great ideas on where we can journey. Places that you may never think of visiting on your own. Because of this I try to make all of the shamanic group meetings if at all possible because I know it’s going to be fun and adventurous! Along with meeting some very interesting and enlightened fellow spirits. ” Dave, C.S.

“It was incredible – very powerful! I found an answer in my last journey that I had been searching for unsuccessfully for years, and it was just plopped down in front of me.” D.P. Colo Springs, CO.

“Thank you for your sincerity and dedication. Know that you are appreciated. Journeying with you BEGAN my journey to freedom”. Joyce, Woodland Park CO

“I wanted to express my gratitude to you both for organizing such a wonderful spiritual outlet that is so openly available for folks. You both radiate confidence, serenity, patience and a warmth towards people that is unparalleled. As you also know, I have never journeyed with the drum, and this seemingly small difference seems to have opened new worlds of communication and feeling. It seems to me that I can concentrate (effortlessly) on the journey with the sound and vibrational accompaniment. I am ecstatic to have been able to communicate with the Self and the Life Force so effortlessly. I am so very happy to have found such a channel for this type of spiritual expression. Again, I thank you for being such open and kind folks. I enjoy this journeying and life journey immensely,” Jessica Colorado Springs.

“Fantastic evening–can hardly wait until the next one!” Claudia, Co Springs, CO.

Suggested Love Offering: $10.00 per person.