Healing Gong Concerts

These vibrations have the energy to cleanse outdated thought forms, will heighten your body’s vibrational level, and open the door for new spiritual potential. This is best described as riding a roller-coaster of sound and vibration…and WOW…what a ride it is!!!
After Gary is finished performing his concert, he will play one of his didgeridoos while we continue to relax in a state of bliss.
Gary offers his gong concerts on the opposite months as Jim’s crystal bowl meditations so that we offer a vibrational healing type meditation each month.
Gary’s Suggested Love Offering is: $20.00 per person (For couples who wish to attend: If money is an issue, please contact Sacred Hoop Ministry for details).
Our 2017 dates for Healing Gong Concerts are: March 11th, May 13th, July 8th, September 2nd and November 11th..