Gary Fishman – Sacred Gong Concerts

Gary Fishman became interested in Zen and Tibetan Buddhism 40 years ago. He received a degree in philosophy at the University of Colorado. He practiced Ashtanga and Power Yoga for twelve years and DSCF0013Kundalini Yoga for nine years. Gary first became interested in the healing arts 13 years ago when he was introduced to aromatherapy, which helped him heal a long illness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Since then he has studied and become certified in Crystal Healing with Luna and Karen Kuk-Nagle. He is also certified in all three levels of Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and Himalayan Vibrational Healing under the teachings of Richard Rudis. Gary has been playing the didgeridoo for thirteen years with the help of many excellent teachers. He also studied tabla and Dholak, and has been involved in drum circles for many years. His latest interest is in cutting and polishing semi-precious stones.

Gary’s interest lies in the joining together of the crystalline energies with sound vibrations.  This combination creates a gestalt where the fusion of the two modalities is greater than the sum of itsgongs parts. The gongs awaken or activate the crystals, and the activated crystals intensify the vibration from the instruments. Gary works with the ancient Himalayan singing bowls from Bhutan , India, Nepal, and Tibet. he uses crystal bowls made from gemstones, and Paiste planetary gongs that are tuned to the cosmic cycles of the planetary orbits as mathematically calculated by Hans Cousto in his book the Cosmic Octave. Gary always finishes a vibrational healing with the didgeridoo. The didgeridoo, along with the drum, are the oldest instruments on our planet. The didgeridoo has a very primal sound and awakens the tribal archetype that lies in the collective unconscious of all mankind. The rhythmic pulsations of the instrument help bring people back from the cosmic journey that the gongs create. The totality of these vibrations create an altered state of consciousness that allows people to experience a more cosmic perspective that is more conducive to healing all aspects of ones being.

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