Doug and Rita Stanley – Pueblo, Colorado

Doug and I started our journey 16 years ago. Doug went to see a psychic for his first reading, and he was told to find a Shamanic healer. He was looking for a spiritual fit, and in desperate need of healing from old thought patterns and habits.

We both went to see Roxanne and Jim at Sacred Hoop Ministry for a Shamanic session. From that point on our lives were not the same. Doug stopped drinking immediately, and didn’t even realize it. The thought patterns that he had held on to for so long began to dissipate. I also had a Shamanic healing session which allowed me to start letting go of old beliefs, as well.

We both learned about Shamanic Journeying. Doug and I both took the Shamanic Practitioners Course, and we both studied Reiki with Dr Meta Porter. Rita became a Reiki Master Teacher and together we learned the Shamanic-Reiki practice.

Early in our practice we worked out of our home or traveled to where we were needed. We started using the Shamanic connection along with Reiki symbols and energies to clear homes for others. Everything was shifted with love and compassion. This is still how we work today. It is amazing how closely we work with our guides. We have learned to be the hollow bone and allow our compassionate sprit guides to work through us. We are grateful for our close connection with the guides that show up to do this work with us.

During our Reiki training we were also introduced to the power of healing and meditation with crystal singing bowls. We have since added that connection to the work we do.

We are vessels for healing in the world, allowing loving compassionate energy to move through us for the betterment of others.

Services we offer:

Shamanic Healing Sessions (including extraction, depossession, and soul retrieval.)

Reiki sessions

Clearing and blessings of land and property

Intuitive readings using oracle cards, or other items

Empath gatherings once a month (a safe space to talk about abilities)

Crystal bowl meditation, once a month


Our office is located in Pueblo, Colorado.

We are willing to travel anywhere in Colorado, if coming to our office is not an option.

We also offer long distance healing work.

We can work separately or together.


Contact info for Doug and Rita – Spirit Drum & Rattle

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Please leave a message if we are unable to answer and we will get back with you at our earliest convenience: Rita 719-232-6843    Doug 719-232-6811