Crystal Burnham – Parker, CO.

Crystal has been training and practicing in various modalities of the mind body spirit world for over 25 years.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui, Karuna Healing and Violet Flame), Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, Ordained Minister,  Certified Master of Holistic Healing and former Psychotherapist.   Completing her training as a Shamanic Practitioner with Roxanne and Jim at Sacred Hoop Ministry was the bridge that merged the intuitive abilities she was born with and the various healing modalities she has  learned.  Personally, and most importantly to her, is that it was the path that brought her into a one on one relationship with the Creator and her Helping Spirits.

After surviving kidney cancer, Crystal realized that understanding the spiritual lessons underlying physical dis-ease was a huge part of her life’s purpose.  Her own journey through this near death experience laid the groundwork to assist others in  finding their own inner truth while bringing to light the subconscious beliefs and emotions that inhibit health.

Clients who are most attracted to Crystal’s unique skill set in healing are those who are at a crossroads; the point where one more step changes the direction of someone’s path either towards or away from the Creator.  In the Core Shamanic Healing Session, Crystal with the aid of her guides and yours, will utilize extraction ( releasing what doesn’t belong to you) , soul retrieval (bringing back what does belong to you and is most necessary at this time) and/or power animal retrieval ( a helping guide specific for this transition) to assist you in taking that next step that leads towards the Creator and your true path.

Crystal feels extraordinarily blessed to be a Shamanic Practitioner and to have all of her abilities combined under one umbrella to assist in the healing of others.


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