Crystal Bowl Meditations

Once we have reached our destination, Jim will play the crystal bowls which are tuned to the bodies energetic systems (charkas). Then his wife Roxanne will join him in playing multiple bowls as everyone relaxes in a state of energetic vibrational euphoria.

This event is open to everyone as there are no prerequisites. All we ask is that you enter the door in peace, with an open heart and an open mind.

Any children that attend, must be prepared to be quiet and “still” during the evenings program so that others are not disturbed.

The suggested love offering for this event is $15 per person. (if you can’t afford the $15, please just donate what you can).

Jim usually does a crystal bowl mediation every other month as Gary Fishman will do his gong concert the opposite months. This way we offer a vibrational/healing event each month.

Our remaining 2019 dates are… October 12th and December 7th… 2pm to 3:30pm – doors open at 1:30pm