Christine Clawley – Tuscon, AZ

After a near-death experience in 2008, my personal values, perspectives, and life direction were permanently altered. I began experiencing heightened intuition, synchronicity, as well as increasingly vivid dreams. I started searching out other worldviews and techniques that could help explain and help me better understand these experiences. My search led me to study with Jim and Roxanne of Sacred Hoop Ministry, who helped me find a deeper understanding of these experiences and encouraged me to follow my intuition and inner calling. I also explored other healing modalities, including energy healing, lucid dreaming, yoga, and sweat lodge ceremonies.  These healing modalities have helped me integrate this intuitive kind of knowing with my training as a therapist.

In 2012, I began studying Carl Jung, who emphasized the importance of dreams, the collective unconscious, and synchronicity. I completed my studies at Pacifica Graduate Insitute in 2015 and became a licensed professional counselor in 2018.  My professional work has led to work with a diverse population in a variety of settings, including homeless shelters, hospitals, prisons, and community mental health centers. I also have experience treating individuals with a history of trauma, abuse, addiction, eating disorders, domestic violence, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, psychosis and hallucinations, occupational burnout, and chronic health problems.

Emotional pain, which is often highly suppressed in our modern culture, provides us with information that something is out of balance within ourselves or in our lives. My aim is to help uncover the root problem that is negatively influencing the individual by listening to one’s symptoms. This approach helps us gain a clear understanding of what is creating one’s symptoms instead of merely treating the symptoms themselves. Only from a clear understanding of the problem, can one begin to heal.  I consider counseling like shamanic healing, sacred work.

Shamanic healing is a natural complement to the other therapeutic work that I do as it facilitates integration by removing what does not belong and bringing back what is essential to the individual. Shamanic healing can provide an experience of inner wholeness and empowerment.

Located in Tuscon, AZ

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