Christine Clawley – Broomfield, CO.

After overcoming the life-threatening Necrotizing Fasciitis in 2008, I embarked on my own journey of healing and self-understanding through exploring various modalities and techniques and wish to share what I have learned with others and assist in their healing. Prior to contracting this illness, I received many dreams and messages that something was out of balance within my life and body and eventually foreshadowed my illness. I spent about a month suspended in a medically-induced coma during which time I had many dreams that mirrored what was happening to me on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I remember one particular dream in which I chose to re-enter the world and live out the rest of my life. Upon awakening from the coma, I had many challenges to overcome as I could not breathe on my own, speak, eat, or walk. However, despite these challenges, I awoke with a renewed sense of the preciousness of life and an incredibly strong will to live. In addition, from this point forward, I developed a greater sense of intuition and experienced an increasing frequency of lucid and precognitive dreams. From these experiences that apparently violate traditional conceptions of time as linear, I began documenting my own experiences and researching topics related to near death experiences, consciousness, non-ordinary reality, synchronicity, dreaming, and shamanism. ​

I am primarily a Depth (Jungian) Psychotherapist that specializes in treating trauma and trauma-related disorders such as PTSD, as well as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, domestic violence, sexual abuse, as well as stress related to occupational problems, poverty or homelessness. My approach is to work with my clients at their own pace, build a solid foundation, and uncover the root problems contributing to symptoms they are experiencing.

Shamanic healing is a natural complement to the other therapeutic work that I do as it facilitates integration by removing what does not belong and bringing back what is essential to the individual.

Shamanic healing helps lessen the impact of trauma and can provide an experience of inner wholeness. We live in a society that constantly reinforces that one is not good enough, successful enough, beautiful enough, etc. Many internalize these messages and lose touch with their sense of inner being and purpose. Shamanic healing can help bring the individual back to him or herself and regain balance in life.

Located in Broomfield, Colorado

Christine can be reached at

or 720.316.9255.