Chase Mahoney – Woodland Park, CO.

“Like waking up from a dream I didn’t know I was dreaming.” These were my reflections after I had received my first Shamanic healing session.

As a Self-Love Life Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Harper and Massage Therapist, these occupations have felt natural and integrative for me.

I love flowers, seeing them grow and bloom, but what I love more is to see that in a person as well. Seeing people have true liberation from binding “life taking” chains, and live life the way it’s meant to be, brings me great joy and fills my heart with love and gratitude. This gift that has been given to me is one I love to share with others. Although I do offer a variety of modalities, I integrate and overlap them in a way that is most beneficial for each client. Each session varies depending on the particular needs of that client.

As with many skills that come natural in life, I have been at this work in some fashion for many years but the course at Sacred Hoop Ministry has brought it all into focus. First introduced to Sacred Hoop ten years ago during a massage school field trip, I learned how to journey, which was the start of a dynamic relationship with my Guides and has allowed me to expand my spiritual growth as I continue along this path.

Helping others has been a passion that I’ve always held, but on a deeper level, helping people heal on a physical, heart and spirit level, has brought me much love and joy that I can share with others. It has given me “purpose”. There is so much more out in the world and universe than we know. The more I learn, the less I know… but the internal knowing of how deeply loved we all are, continues to expand.



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