Bonnie Eaddy – Resistant Saints

Having spent her childhood years in Japan, Bonnie was fascinated by their ancient traditions and customs and has spent her adult life as an eager student, attempting to understand the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of forging daily connections with our Creator and the source energy of our world.
Upon completing her training, Bonnie created and hosts a monthly video series called Exploring the Spiritual Divide in which she explores the different methods man uses to forge connections to the spiritual world.
This video series is posted on her Resistant Saints website at which also houses her many articles and short stories in which she explores spiritual concepts.
Additionally, Bonnie runs the Resistant Saints Facebook group aimed at providing thought provoking spiritual content aimed to help us deal with our world and its challenges.
If you would like to learn more about her mission and her informational outreach, you may contact Bonnie Eaddy
via email at 
or call her at 919-995-0544.