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John “ThunderHeart” Robinson – Colorado Springs, CO.

John “ThunderHeart” Robinson has been gifted by Spirit with the ability to move energy and to aid in healing of all types of imbalances; whether they are physical, mental, or spiritual in nature. He has been trained in numerous healing modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), 3rd Degree Reiki Master Teacher, Therapeutic Touch, Contact …

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Intermediate Journey Group

THIS IS AN INTERMEDIATE LEVEL COURSE!! You must attend our intro course, or already know how to journey to your helping spirit guides to attend. This is the Shamanic Journey group that tends to push the envelope with more advanced Journeys. Each week our helpings spirits give us a new topic to explore together and …

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Radio interview with Jim and Roxanne on Dave the Mystic’s Radio Blog Show.

Radio interview with Jim and Roxanne on Dave the Mystic’s Radio Blog Show. This interview was recorded on Monday, February 29, 2016 at 8PM MST. During this one hour interview we talked about what Shamanism is, what it isn’t and we also discussed the Shamanic Journey, what a shamanic healing session would be like and …

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John Thunderheart – The Inner Light Center of Colorado Springs

John “ThunderHeart” is a recording artist with the group “Ancient Echoes” and currently has two CDs: “First Song” and “Earth-Sea-Air”,  available locally in Colorado Springs at Celebration Metaphysical Store and Mountain Metaphysical Shop or you can find them online at www.ancientechoesllc.com , CDbaby, iTunes etc. John is a well known figure in the Front Range …

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Katherine Mullin – M.A., Medical Anthropology – Certified Digital Storyteller

Katherine Mullin, MA Medical Anthropology; Certified Digital Story Facilitator True Story Works, LLC Treasure Stories for Families and Elder Loved Ones: True Story Works supports your loved one in sharing his or her unique stories. A Treasure Story weaves memories, photographs, and keepsakes into an artfully produced life story video or audio compilation to be …

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Ela, T. Colorado Springs

“ Really appreciate all that Roxanne and Jim are doing at the Yurt!! ” — Ela T. Colorado Springs

Raven G. Colorado Springs

“ A wonderful opportunity to grow and share. I will be back for more. ” — Raven G. Colorado Springs

Renne M. Colorado Springs

“ Beautiful yurt, people and property. Sacred Hoop feels very inviting and sacred, which allowed me to feel confident to open to the experience. Jim and Roxanne are the real deal, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to experience and learn from them both.” — Renee M. Colorado Springs

Marni Armstrong – Counselor, LPC, NCC, MA

Marni Armstrong is a Nationally Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado. She specializes in treating trauma, in the broadest sense of the word. In doing so, she uses techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR: EMDRIA.org) and energy techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT: emofree.com) and Tapas Acupressure Technique …

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Linda C., Colorado Springs

“I am so comfortable around the two of you.  I see the strength of your medicine and the compassion you both offer to others.  Bless you in your important work”.  Linda C., Colorado Springs

Steph K., Colorado Springs

“I want to thank you both again, for just being who you are and doing the divine work that you do.  My experience in the Soul Retrieval the other day is the most blissful state I have ever been in on this earth.”  Stephanie K., Colorado Springs, CO.

Larry Unversagt

I just want to say thanks to you, and all that you do and have done for us veterans, for the troops whose lives you have touched and saved. I’m sure you don’t hear it enough, but you have made a difference!!!  Larry Unverzagt, Colorado Springs

R.F., Colorado Springs

“My experience has been so awakening for me. I know that without these soul parts, I was stuck… My life has transformed very quickly”… R.F. Colorado Springs

H.G., Colorado Springs

“I feel stronger and more able to stand up for myself, it was a very symbolic experience”… H.G. Woodland Park

Jessica H., Colorado Springs

“I wanted to express my gratitude to you both for organizing such a wonderful spiritual outlet that is so openly available for folks.  You both radiate confidence, serenity, patience and a warmth towards people that is unparalleled. As you also know, I have never journeyed with the drum, and this seemingly small difference seems to have …

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Joanne L., Colorado

“Roxanne and Jim’s willingness to facilitate the healing process of people, animals, and Mother Earth is truly remarkable…and beyond mere words and the English language”… Joanne L., Colorado

John Turberville

“I have been a practicing Shaman for over 18 years. I have experienced healing and Shamanic work from practitioners from many cultures and individuals from all parts of this planet. The energy I felt from the work done on my behalf by Jim and Roxanne is unparalleled. The combination of their two energies working on …

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Sandra Ingerman, MA., World Renowned Teacher of Shamanism

Sandra Ingerman is one of the most renown and respected Shamanic Teachers and authors on the planet. She has traveled the world and has even spoke at the united nations on more than one occasion. Check out Sandra’s website and learn more about her accomplishments and check out her books. Sandra has seeded communities all …

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Kris & Savanna Cassidy – Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Workshops

Kris Cassidy M.A. and his wife Savanna are on our networking team and offer Breakthrough Breathwork Meditation Workshops. We highly recommend these workshops and we sponsor them at the yurt periodically.. We have found this work to be very helpful in integration of soul parts, essence, and for releasing any stress and old patterns. Here …

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Gary Fishman – Sacred Gong Concerts

Gary Fishman became interested in Zen and Tibetan Buddhism 40 years ago. He received a degree in philosophy at the University of Colorado. He practiced Ashtanga and Power Yoga for twelve years and Kundalini Yoga for nine years. Gary first became interested in the healing arts 13 years ago when he was introduced to aromatherapy, …

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