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Tracy Shulsinger – Boulder, FNP-C

I began practicing shamanism and energy medicine in 2008 when I was strongly attracted to their spiritual and healing powers. They answered my call for healing modalities that deeply heal by healing the spiritual aspects of illness. At that time, I was working as a Registered Nurse at  and I noticed time and time again where western medicine …

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Roger Reynolds and Susan Shinsky

Are you dealing with physical problems, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, or overwhelming emotions? Roger Reynolds and Susan Shinsky, MA Professional Counseling, work separately and as a team using skills and tools acquired through many years of study and training to help you alleviate challenges in your life. Their primary approach is Sound Therapy with …

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Annette Roush

Having completed the Shamanic Practitioner training at Sacred Hoop Ministry, Annette Roush offers both Shamanic and Reiki healing sessions for human clients and/or their animal friends. She is a Shamanic practitioner, Reiki practitioner [with an emphasis on Reiki for animals], and Reiki teacher. She was introduced to complementary healing at the age of 15 through …

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Amy Gray – Pueblo, CO.

I was blessed and guided to the practice of Shamanic Journeying and Sandra Ingerman seven years ago. I was always drawn to Native American and ancient European based spiritual practices, and upon discovering the Shamanic Journey, I experienced a meditative state I had always longed for and never knew possible. Little did I know that …

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The Following Shamanic Practitioners Have Trained at Sacred Hoop Ministry

They have been trained in: Extraction Ceremonies Soul Retrieval Ceremonies Healing with Spiritual Light Death & Dying (Helping spirits of loved ones or stuck earth bound spirits to cross over) Working with people in transition between life & death Some have taken Heart Centered De-possession (optional course taught by outside instructor) They have all turned …

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Native American Teachings with Rainbow eagle

Rainbow Eagle usually travels to Colorado and Sacred Hoop Ministry twice a year, usually in the spring (April or May) and fall (October or November). Both Roxanne and Jim with Sacred Hoop Ministry have studied and apprenticed with Rainbow Eagle for nearly 20 years and we HIGHLY recommend his teachings. Rainbow Eagle is an Okla-Choctaw …

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Sound Healing Gong Concerts

Our good friend Gary Fishman has been blessing our community with his Sound Healing Gong Concerts for the past 10 years. Gary has a large group of fans who love to come to this event, so come join us and see why!!! Gary performs these concerts about every 60days. (He and Jim alternate each month …

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Crystal Bowl Meditations

Our crystal bowl meditations generally take place every 60 days  These crystal bowl meditations are led by Jim Haggins of Sacred Hoop Ministry. Recording artist John Thunderheart will accompanies Jim with his beautiful Native American Flute playing and his magical didgeridoo.. While listening to the beautiful flute music, Jim will guide us into a deep relaxed …

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Liz Guerra – Colorado Springs, CO.

Liz Guerra (Studio Kanta) is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, energy practitioner, birth and death doula, as well as a spiritual (mind, body, spirit) educator. Always feeling a pull towards the spiritual/energy connection of life, Liz decided to open her life to the intention of learning this work so she could share the knowledge …

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Christine Clawley – Broomfield, CO.

After overcoming the life-threatening Necrotizing Fasciitis in 2008, I embarked on my own journey of healing and self-understanding through exploring various modalities and techniques and wish to share what I have learned with others and assist in their healing. Prior to contracting this illness, I received many dreams and messages that something was out of balance …

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Sara Simpson – Colorado Springs, CO.

Sara grew up in the rural mountains of Colorado and has a passion for body, mind, and spiritual healing. She has over 20 years of experience in the practice of both Western and Alternative Health Care as a Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Registered Nurse having worked in Cardiology, Mental Health, Home Health, and Wound/Ostomy Care …

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Laurie “Medwolf” Mediavilla – Colorado Springs, CO.

Laurie had the privilege of growing up in an Air Force family which led to an appreciation and respect for all individuals and their place of origin. Laurie specializes in bridging both traditional medicine and energy healing modalities with her diverse training and background. Laurie has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and has practiced as …

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John “ThunderHeart” Robinson – Colorado Springs, CO.

John “ThunderHeart” Robinson has been gifted by Spirit with the ability to move energy and to aid in healing of all types of imbalances; whether they are physical, mental, or spiritual in nature. He has been trained in numerous healing modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), 3rd Degree Reiki Master Teacher, Therapeutic Touch, Contact …

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Intermediate Journey Group

THIS IS AN INTERMEDIATE LEVEL COURSE!! You must attend our intro course, or know how to journey to your helping spirit guides to attend. This is the Shamanic Journey group that tends to push the envelope with more advanced Journeys. Each week our helpings spirits give us a new topic to explore together and it …

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Radio interview with Jim and Roxanne on Dave the Mystic’s Radio Blog Show.

Radio interview with Jim and Roxanne on Dave the Mystic’s Radio Blog Show. This interview was recorded on Monday, February 29, 2016 at 8PM MST. During this one hour interview we talked about what Shamanism is, what it isn’t and we also discussed the Shamanic Journey, what a shamanic healing session would be like and …

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John Thunderheart – The Inner Light Center of Colorado Springs

John “ThunderHeart” is a recording artist with the group “Ancient Echoes” and currently has two CDs: “First Song” and “Earth-Sea-Air”,  available locally in Colorado Springs at Celebration Metaphysical Store and Mountain Metaphysical Shop or you can find them online at www.ancientechoesllc.com , CDbaby, iTunes etc. John is a well known figure in the Front Range …

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Shannon Ananda – Denver

Shannon Wallace first began studying with Sacred Hoop Ministry in the spring of 2011. She completed their Shamanic Practitioner Training over the following years. In early 2015, Shannon began offering her services via http://www.LifeAnanda.com She is available to perform healing, shamanic journey sessions, and spiritual coaching. Working as the “hollow bone”, Shannon’s goal is to connect …

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Katherine Mullin – M.A., Medical Anthropology – Certified Digital Storyteller

Katherine Mullin, MA Medical Anthropology; Certified Digital Story Facilitator True Story Works, LLC Treasure Stories for Families and Elder Loved Ones: True Story Works supports your loved one in sharing his or her unique stories. A Treasure Story weaves memories, photographs, and keepsakes into an artfully produced life story video or audio compilation to be …

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Ela, T. Colorado Springs

“ Really appreciate all that Roxanne and Jim are doing at the Yurt!! ” — Ela T. Colorado Springs

Raven G. Colorado Springs

“ A wonderful opportunity to grow and share. I will be back for more. ” — Raven G. Colorado Springs