Annette Roush – Colorado Springs, CO.

Having completed the Shamanic Practitioner training at Sacred Hoop Ministry, Annette Roush offers both Shamanic and Reiki healing sessions for human clients and/or their animal friends. She is a Shamanic practitioner, Reiki practitioner [with an emphasis on Reiki for animals], and Reiki teacher.

She was introduced to complementary healing at the age of 15 through the Silva Method and, over the next few years, was exposed to various forms of faith healing. In her late teens and early 20s, Annette joined in Spiritualist meditation circles, where she learned to connect with those in spirit and began to have experiences with non-ordinary reality. As the ordinary reality of adult life moved front and center, she embraced her career as a public high school teacher while continuing to explore different spiritual teachings.

When Annette was in her 50s, a strong calling to heal led her to Reiki, and her love of animals led her to start In Awesome Wonder Animal Reiki. In 2012, she suffered loss and trauma in a horrific car accident, and although she continued her spiritual growth and Reiki practice, Annette felt like some part of herself was stuck. A friend suggested she have a soul retrieval at Sacred Hoop. Little did she realize the Shamanic session she had with Roxanne and Jim would be the beginning of a new direction in her life.

Annette was told by Spirit, in 2010, that she was part of a “Sisterhood” whose purpose was to help lost souls find their way to the Light. She didn’t fully understand what that meant until a few years later, when she took the Death and Dying class at Sacred Hoop. She has since found herself several times in the position to help spirits cross over. But it was when she was journeying to do the opposite – to keep a living relative from crossing – that she received the guidance to become a Shamanic practitioner.

Training with Rox and Jim was an amazing and fulfilling experience that has given Annette wonderful new tools with which to facilitate healing.


Annette Roush

In Awesome Wonder, LLC

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