About us

Sacred Hoop Ministry is a non-denominational spiritually based organization whose purpose and beliefs sign-trees 003are to promote and preserve the ancient teachings of spiritualism and oneness with all. We believe that there are many paths that lead to spiritual awareness and a personal relationship with our Creator/God. We honor all of these paths, as Creator has shared many teachings with many tribes and peoples and each culture has it own traditions, ceremonies and beliefs which need to be honored and preserved. Our belief in any one teaching does not nullify or reduce the importance of any other teaching.

Journey_pic2We believe in a central God/Creator/Spirit and in the spiritual truths of Universal Law. Our ministry and affiliated outreach programs must abide by universal truths and always operate from a place of love, non-violence, non-aggression and oneness. Our purpose is to assist others in receiving spiritual healing and in finding their own “balance and harmony” within the universe.

Our ministry is here to help people become whole and bring balance back into their being so that they can go forth and live their lives with love, compassion and centeredness.

We rejoice and encourage the continued scientific research of the power of thought, word and prayer. We support and endorse the quantum science approach to the power of free will and life supporting affirmations, for within every human being lays a Spiritual Being, a child of God whose innocence is pure and unadulterated. We came into this world as spiritual seeds of Creation and it is our life’s purpose to care for these seeds, to nurture our garden and to share the fruits of our labor with the universe.

Sacred Hoop Ministry promotes teaching others to embrace their personal power, their individuality and new path to yurt 1their uniqueness as each person has individual gifts to offer and one person’s gift should not outweigh the gift of another.   We all have a purpose and a personal divinity to embrace and nurture. Our goal is help others discover their seeds of consciousness and to find their “own path” to oneness and enlightenment. We allow “them” to discover the tools that best suit their needs and situations so that they can once again embrace life and become who they truly are.

We  wish to be of service to veterans of war; battered and abused men, women and children; troubled teens and adolescents and those who have mental, physical and spiritual handicaps to overcome due to the traumas of their life and perhaps of personal choices that were not in their best interest. There are massive numbers of individuals who have suffered traumas and abuse in a variety of ways including but not limited to physical, verbal and spiritual abuse.

By organizing a networking group of therapists, doctors, healers and spiritual practitioners we aspire to bring hope, balance and inner peace back to these people lives.

Sacred Hoop Ministry also wishes to promote supportive communities, family values, and Spiritualism through research and application of the Spiritual principals that were accepted, protected andcolorful hands nourished by our fore fathers and indigenous cultures throughout the world.

Our human family is evolving individually and globally, but the process of evolution should not stifle individual growth, personal and planetary awareness, sovereignty and working within universal laws to promote oneness. On the contrary, our planetary evolution requires a paradigm shift to “total awareness”, taking responsibility for our current global situation and going forth with a new vision, a new awareness and a new approach to personal and planetary healing.

Our ministry is a way or life, a daily event, not a once a week gathering. Our ministry is our life and our life is our ministry. If we can help others help themselves, who in turn will help others, help themselves, then we have successfully planted the seeds of re-creation. A concept that honors and respects the uniqueness of the individual, while supporting the group consciousness of oneness…

We hope that you will join us on this magnificent journey and take the time each and every day to reach out and touch the heart of another… Seize the moment and be joyful for doing so…