Bonnie Eaddy – Loveland, CO.

Bonnie Eaddy has spent the past 15 years studying religious texts, ancient healing practices and spiritual belief systems to help her better understand the connection between chronic health problems and the mental, emotional and spiritual issues buried behind them, which can prevent full and restorative healing.

This led her to study Somatic Psychology (the mind / body connection) and she spent 7 years as a massage therapist working with clients experiencing chronic pain to assist them in identification, clearing and restoration from the negative thoughts, experiences and emotions contributing to their health issues.

She has been trained in numerous healing modalities including Massage, Trigger Point, Acupressure, Reiki , Therapeutic Touch, Shamanic Healing  and Cranial Sacral techniques and has taught on the subjects of Somatic Psychology and Reflexology at the Community College level.

Upon completion of her Shamanic studies with Sacred Hoop Ministry, Bonnie now assists clients with retrieval of lost power and rejuvenation of their vitality through the return of soul fragments lost during traumatic events.

Bonnie specializes in Negative Entity / Energy clearing and can perform this work in person (throughout the Denver/Fort Collins area) or long distance.

You can reach Bonnie by phone: (919) 995-0544  or by email: