Amy Gray – Pueblo, CO.

I was blessed and guided to the practice of Shamanic Journeying and Sandra Ingerman seven years ago. I was always drawn to Native American and ancient European based spiritual practices, and upon discovering the Shamanic Journey, I experienced a meditative state I had always longed for and never knew possible. Little did I know that this practice would help me survive through some very serious upheavals and depression. I truly feel that the Shamanic healing work literally saved my life.

I am now very excited to share this powerful healing method to all who are open to it. My Shamanic Practitioner training with Roxanne and Jim at Sacred Hoop Ministry has been so amazing. This healing truly works. I have experienced too many miracles and synchronicities from Spirit to acknowledge anything but! My helping compassionate spirit guides and I have a very “hollow bone” healing method we are guided to use when working healing sessions. I follow the metaphors and messages from guides and Spirit to help the client transform hurts to healing.

I am a single mom of two precious angels. I have a BS Degree in Organismal Biology and a minor in Chemistry as I wanted to figure out how this crazy world works!

I absolutely love this amazing beautiful Earth and all the wild things we share it with. I am drawn to work on healing the Earth as well as her inhabitants. Life has brought me here, to heal and share with others through the loving practice of Shamanic Healing. I look forward to the chance to help – with Spirit’s Guidance and plenty of LOVE AND LIGHT.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Blessed Be, A’Ho.


Amy Gray

719 557 1895