The Following Shamanic Practitioners Have Trained at Sacred Hoop Ministry

They have been trained in:

  1. Extraction Ceremonies
  2. Soul Retrieval Ceremonies
  3. Healing with Spiritual Light
  4. Death & Dying (Helping spirits of loved ones or stuck earth bound spirits to cross over)
  5. Working with people in transition between life & death
  6. Some have taken Heart Centered De-possession (optional course taught by outside instructor)

They have all turned in case studies and are getting good results with their clients.

Please note that each practitioner has a relationship with their own helping, compassionate spirits, who are the ones who guide them through their ceremonies.  Each practitioner will work differently, and their ceremonies may look different from one another.  Each practitioner brings their own set of skills and tools to their sessions as they may all have different backgrounds that brought them to this training.

These practitioners are all operating independent of Sacred Hoop Ministry so please consult and interview them as you would any other practitioner.